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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  December 26, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield live in millbrae. today is a day known for returns. experts are predicting today will be a very big shopping day. a lot of the stores will be opening very early in case you have more money to spend. >> good morning i'm meteorologist frances dinglasan in for mike nicco. if you are shopping, you still need a jacket. details coming up. as you approach the bay bridge, no traffic because it is monday and holiday light combined. like to check in with frances to see that little fog. 5 a.m., date after christmas. thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm katie marzullo in
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for kristen sze. christmas is not over yet, not for retailers. stores expect big business many people have today off and gift cards burning a hole in their pockets. amy hollyfield is in millbrae where one retailer is opening as we speak. >> reporter: yeah, good exclusive information for all of our shoppers this is the place to be. look at this kohl's in millbrae there is no one year supposed to be opening at 5, no crowds, no lines you could have the store all to yourself. they've got good deals and coupons before you get here to save more. kohl's opening up at 5:00, jc penney, 6:00, target and michael's at 7:00. this is a good day to use gift cards, deals should be good, retailers are hoping it is going to be a big day because a lot of people have the day off this is the holiday for a lot of people. the hope is that people will
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get out to do some shopping. they are predicting this could be the third busiest shopping day of the year. also big day for returns. experts say you want to be smart with your stuff. >> you want to be sure not to open the packaging, if you are not sure you want it. again, if you forget, you can leave all the tags and labels, but if you destroy the packaging or rip eight part, you will have a much more -- -- rip it apart, you will have a much more difficult time for returning it. >> reporter: if you let gift cards sit, every year around 2 to 5% of all gift cards end up going unused. get in, use your gift card so it doesn't just sit there and the stores make money. it is a five billion dollar gift from consumers every year, those unused gift cards. the sales are going on, get card. stores are opening up right
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now, kohl's just open at 5:00, that's what they are telling us. head out here. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. we have to head out for breaking news when that door opens. >> indeed we will if you are in that first wave of post christmas shoppers with that money burning a hole in your pocket, take a jacket. >> it is going to be cold. meteorologist frances dinglasan in for mike nicco with the forecast. still cold, not as cool as yesterday, so there isn't a freeze warning in effect. you will still need your jacket. still a few 20s especially napa 26, fairfield 27, 28 livermore. around the bay some low 30s, 33 redwood city, 32 mountain view, 46 in san francisco. this afternoon temperatures will warm up into the mid 50s. i also want to show visibility for you right now in novato less than a 4th of a mile
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areas that have patchy fog in some of the valleys, i'll have highs and seven day forecast, coming up. 5:04. a 22-month-old boy in san jose suffered only bumps and bruises after police say his mother tossed him out of a second story window. he was crying as paramedics rushed him to valley medical center. you might expect that after a 20 foot fall. his mom is in the same hospital with broken bones in both feet. police say she also jumped out the window as soon as officers entered her apartment. >> heard some screaming and came out to take a look and there was about 12, 13 cop cars out here, paramedics and fire trucks and there was a little baby that was crying and obviously in some pain. >> family members say the mother was taking medication for depression going back to the hospital yesterday morning she grabbed nathan and locked
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herself in the bathroom prompting a call to 911. firefighters say a house fire in san jose was started accidentally by smoking products. three in wheelchairs were rescued the fire began in a garage after 6:30. fire officials say the garage is a total loss with damage estimated around $100,000. they say six people are displaced. at least six people will have the chance to celebrate many more holidays with friends and families because of one oakland man's decision to be an organ decision. charles butler, jr. was recently awarded his merchant marine passport set to begin traveling the world before he was shot to death last week in west oakland. the 23-year-old man was an organ donor, his sister says he will live on forever, because he was able to give the gift of life. >> we know that him being a donor, a part of him is just running around everywhere.
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i would very much like really soon to meet all recipients so i can see charles again. >> family and friends honored butler during a ceremony yesterday at praise fellowship bible church in richmond. the young man's heart, lungs, two kidneys, pancreas and liver all donated. six operations were successfully carried out on christmas day. the port of oakland can't afford another occupy shutdown because a port executive says it is already on the hook for 1.2 billion dollars. that does not include losses from the last port shutdown. officials estimate the december 12th, closure cost waterfront operation four million dollars. this morning the chronicle reports the port's billion dollar debt is for improvements. the starting next year the annual payment on the loan will be 115 million dollars. bay area lawmaker wants to start charging california lobbyists to register. the san jose mercury news
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reports state senator leland yes of san francisco is proposing lob -- leland of san francisco is proposing -- the fee is $50 the extra money about $50,000 would maintain the political database cal access website reveals the money behind politics. christmas holiday is officially over a lot of people are still home today expect many places to be closed. most shops are open, courts and offices are closed today at the local, state and federal level. u.s. postal service is closed. bart and muni running regular weekday service, buses and ferries for golden gate transit are on a sunday holiday schedule so is ac transit, sam transand cal train on saturday schedules, ing
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meters normal. -- have your change ready 5:08. if you are going the an the bus stop or the muni or bart platform bundle up. >> you might be waiting longer. here's temperatures right now, waiting for new ones to come in, in just a minute, still 20s out there in santa rosa 28, napa 27, fairfield 27. san francisco one of the warmer spots at 46°. you need your quarters for those parking meters, 32 in mountain view. down to the monterey bay upper 30s through santa cruz, watsonville and monterey. gilroy 31. there wasn't a freeze warning in effect because temperatures are a little warmer during the morning hours. not as cold. this afternoon, with partly cloudy conditions and onshore breeze afternoon temperatures slightly cooler than yesterday. a slight chance of rain
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heading our way starting wednesday. this is in the very northern parts mendocino county and north. we have this onshore flow bringing us westerly breezes this afternoon, temperatures mainly in the 50s for most of the us. 55 san francisco, 56 oakland. upper 50s in the east bay 58 in san jose. next chance of rain, we'll look for it wednesday, again this is mendocino county and north. looks pretty dry for the bay area all week. good morning. good morning over in berkeley as you approach or leave the bay bridge toll plaza, not too many problems going on just people getting to where they need to get to. heading down to the south bay san jose 101/880 hardly anybody on the road there. one problem northbound 880 slowing as you approach high street from an accident that has been there a while.
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>> thank you lynn. >> 5:10. still ahead, the new battery that apple is working on that may allow its products to run a week or more without recharging. >> why this holiday season will be remembered by many as the season of layaway angels. the phone call this woman received that cost her several thousand dollars. new warning about an old scam. [ mom ] hey guys.
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still more christmas shopping. shoppers expected to be out enforce today the day after christmas is the second busiest shopping day for many stores. the makers of infamil baby formula say another round of tests shows no link to the death of a baby in missouri. the 10 day old died of a rare infection caused by bacteria which can can be found in powdered formula. >> apple working on a hydrogen battery that may allow products to run a week or more without charging devices lighter and batteries would be environmentally friendly leaving behind just water when they are finished. >> tom cruise's mission impossible sequel was an easy winner at the box office but dispainting couple of days for hollywood. ghost protocol took in 27 million dollars. that's america's money.
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good morning everyone. it is just about 5:14 on this day after christmas. the 2011 holiday season will be remembered as the season of the layaway angel. a trend that started with one woman in michigan who paid off the layaway balances for three strangers at a kmart. since then, anonymous donors have been pouring into kmarts and wal-marts and toys are -- toys "r" us stores asking to pay remaining balances for customers who put gifts on lay away. >> i was told that an angel came to kmart and paid for my layaway. that get? i got very, very emotional, happy. >> it means a lot because i'm poor. that's why i put layaway. a little bit at a time. >> single largest donation was for more than $20,000 at a kmart in baltimore. if you get a call from a loved one this trouble it is a good bet would you do anything to help.
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one elderly bay area woman was sure she was helping out a favorite nephew. it was really a schwinn that cost her a bundle. michael finney -- tells us what to watch out for. >> reporter: the phone call came out of the blue. when she answered, beverly heard a frightened voice. >> my nephew says i wasn't drunk but they through all three of us -- threw all three of news the booky and they want bail. >> reporter: saying he was beverly's nephew when they got into a car crash ab tossed in jail. >> i said you sound phony, why do you sound like that? >> he said my nose is broken from the car crash. >> reporter: the man pleaded with beverly not to tell anyone what happened but could she please wire him $3500 for bail. >> he didn't want his parents to know. i could understand that. >> reporter: beverly is in her
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80s getting around is difficult but they got a friend to drive her to the bank then wired $3500 to the dominican public. >> then he called back. and thanked me and said i love you so much. >> reporter: the next day another frantic call, the man said he needed more cash. this time, to pay the hospital. >> oh, again! i said jeffrey my health is not that great and i have to run around like this. >> reporter: but she did. beverly got to the bank and wired another $3300 this time western union smelled a scam. it block the transaction and gave beverly her $3300 back. she was still convinced her nephew was stuck in the caribbean. >> i says, this is too much, i have to tell his mother. i told her, did you know jeffrey is in the komen can repub -- was in the dominican
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republic? >> reporter: no, her nephew never left home. >> i was scammed. >> an old trade going on for hundreds of years. >> reporter: san francisco police lieutenant investigates financial crimes. he says scam artists like these often prey on seniors exploiting their love of family. >> they are good, trusting people. that's how they were victimized. >> the story he concocted was so real. i care enough about this nephew to do these things. if it were true i wouldn't want him to stay in jail another night. >> reporter: now beverly says she has learned a tough lesson. she is less trusting and wants know warn you. >> watch out. if it happens to me, it could happen to you. >> reporter: so far police have not caught the scammer in this case. if you get a frantic call supposedly from a loved one, don't hesitate to call and check with other family
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members before you believe the story. remember, ask for a number to return their call. if a stranger asks to you wire money, it is almost certainly a scam. michael finney, 7 on your side. 5:18. tense moments for police in southern california. an area surrounding a. -- us barn branch in van nuys had to be blocked off and the bomb squad called after a suspicious package was found outside the bank last night. police brought in a robot, it crushed the package, fortunately no when shun. we know it was on the -- we know what was on the outside of the box we don't know what was inside. across western washington strong wind storm left thousands without power this is what it looked like yesterday, trees came down around seattle the driver was trapped in his car uninjured for about an hour until crews
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could ensure the lines were off. the lights will be back on soon. >> it would be very nice. >> hard holiday without electricity. it would be that around here with the temperatures as they are outside. >> yeah, it was very cold yesterday, not as cold this morning. winds are pretty light right now we are getting an onshore flow -- >> when you say not as cold does that take into account the 27° reading? >> right eric, still cold, not as cold. >> okay. >> i'll tell you how coal it is in just a little bit. that's a good point eric. you still need your jackets. here's a live shot. looking pretty clear right now out from san francisco towards the embarcadero towards the bay bridge in the background. patchy fog develop in many so of the inland valleys. with onshore -- along parts of the coast. here are those cold
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temperatures. however, keep in mind, no freeze warning in effect. we saw a lot of widespread 20s the last couple nights and early morning hours. right now only 20s in three locations, santa rosa, napa, fairfield, 27°. still cold and below freezing in mountain view at 31, san jose 33 and warmer spot right along the coast 46 san francisco, 43 in half moon bay. okay so it is not as cold this morning. we will see partly cloudy conditions this afternoon with the return of the on breeze. temperatures this afternoon a few degrees cooler than yesterday afternoon. we are talking about rain, we've been looking for it, slight chance comes our way wednesday night. it looks like it is going to hit mendocino county and areas north of there. today, your eyes around the mid 50s through san rafael, san francisco, oakland. warmer spot, 60 palo alto and upper 50s in antioch,
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livermore and concord and san jose. a little bit warm erfurter south morgan hill, gilroy, hollister 63 monterey bay around 57°. here's a look at the pacific satellite image. onshore flow returning see this area of high pressure, that's going to keep us dry through wednesday possibly and then that's when we see that slight chance of rain. it has been so dry that right now we are probably going to come in third for the driest december ever since we've been keeping records since 1849, we'll come in third after 1876 and 1989. here's a look at the accuweather forecast, slight chance of rain wednesday for very northern counties looks dry all week. today will be one of the coolest days all week, temperatures near normal by next weekend near 60° for everyone around the bay area. just got word in i don't
5:22 am
have the graphic up yet, southbound 101 caesar chavez accident there, 8 northbound approaching high street, traffic -- 880 northbound approaching high street, highway 4 westbound traffic moving at or above the limit, likewise traffic moving above the limit on the altamont pass back to you eric and katie. now 5:22. >> next, after months of waiting the nba season is finally underway. we'll show you how the warriors did against the nsnsnsns
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5:25. are you ready for some can be? last night the warriors were unable to deliver a christmas present for fans. despite a sore ankle curry did start they were up by six early the clippers' griffin began to heat up in the second half and new clippers' point guard chris paul hit three straight baskets down the stretch as the clippers go on to win 105-86. tonight the warriors will try to win their first game of the season. not fair that chris paul thing. >> sorry eric, hang in there. >> many hope to start the new year in style by taking home the 206 million dollar meg millions jacket estimated cash option of nearly 152 million. nobody picked all six number
5:26 am
friday night. mega millions is a multi state game played in 41 other states in addition to california. tomorrow night's draw is at 8 p.m.. >> 5:26 now. next, firefighters rescue three elderly people in wheel chairs from a house filled with smoke. -- >> reporter: it is time to shop again. prices are being slashed this day after christmas. we take you live to the frontlines, next. also, a toddler survives being thrown out of a second story window by his mother, with only bumps and bruises. big travel day after christmas checking out major airports in california so far no flight delays expected or reported right now. if you are traveling around the nation, no other delays at this point reported for other major stations into the east coast.
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you can always find out more information and track your specific flight by going to you will find the flight tracker on the bottom of your screen. we'll be back with more news, after this b b b brsrs?x?x?x?x?6
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>> reporter: good average i'm amy hollyfield live in millbrae. stores are already hope -- are already hoping hoping to close out the season in the black. >> i'm frances dinglasan in for mike nicco. although it is not as cold this morning compared to yesterday it is still cool out there [ inaudible ] i'm in for frances dinglasan. not many on the bay bridge approaching the toll plaza, just a little haze.
5:30 am
good morning. 5:29 i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. >> and i'm eric thomas. our top story, it was a short christmas holiday for a lot of retail workers. many worked late on christmas eve and already back on-the-job early this morning for the post christmas sales. amy hollyfield is live in millbrae at a kohl's are they open yet? >> reporter: they are, they opened at 5:00. the workers hardly got a break. look inside it is hope and the sales signs are up which will draw in customers today. the kohl's here in millbrae is not crowded now. if you want some good deals, you live on the peninsula this is a good place to go. today is going to be a big day for return. also the say you see a lot of sales. some will start next year's christmas shopping today. be sure and check for coupons before you leave the house
5:31 am
that can maximize on savings there are kohl's coupons floating around out there. we asked the first shoppers here what they were looking for today? >> i want a new frying pan, two, a big one and a small one. you just never know. i would like a new throw for my couch, that's about it. >> reporter: the deals are good enough? >> kohl's is a wonderful store. the deals are great. i'll go here then target then macy's. i'll hit 'em all. >> reporter: target is opening at 7:00, jc penney opening at 6:00. this woman told us she is also looking for sheets today she is looking for a good deal. all the things that san -- santa didn't bring her. one thing to remember use those gift cards. it is predicted 2 to 5% go unused, that's a five billion
5:32 am
dollar gift consumers are giving to retailers each year. something to think about online you can sell them, donate them, you can trade them if you don't like the ones you've got. the message is, be sure and use them somehow. otherwise, the retailers win on that game. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. i've been guilty of not using gift cards. >> okay hand 'em over, i'll use them for you, not a problem. 5:32 now. if you are headed out shopping bundle up. >> sure i'll take gift cards too katie. >> too late. if you are heading out the door, it is still cold. yesterday we did break a record at the oakland airport, 30° was our low. right now at the oakland airport it is 36°, oakland city 40°. still cool out there. santa rosa, napa, fairfield
5:33 am
upper 20s. also fog in some of the inland locations in the valleys. visibility in novato down to a 4th of a mile and one mile in santa rosa clear along the bay down to san jose. next chance of rain wednesday. i'll tell you about it coming up. a 22-month-old boy in san jose suffered only bumps and bruises after list say his mother tossed him out of a second story window. nathan cortez was crying as paramedics rushed him to valley medical center, that's probably what you would expect after falling 20 his mom is in the same hospital with broken bones in both feet she jumped from the window as police entered her apartment. >> heard some screaming and came out to take a look and there was about 12, 13 cop cars out here, paramedics and fire trucks and there was a little baby that was crying and you know, obviously in
5:34 am
some pain. family members say the mother was taking medication for depression. she was going back to the hospital yesterday morning when she suddenly grabbed nathan and locked herself in the bathroom, prompting the 911 call. this morning investigators say a house fire in south san jose was started accidentally by sneaking products. three elderly people in wheelchairs were rescued. the fire began in a garage after 6:30. fire officials say the garage is a total loss. damage estimated at about $100,000. they say six people have been displaced by the fire. now for the story of an amazing . the gift of life. at least six people will have a chance to celebrate many more holidays because of this young man's z to give as an organ donor. -- >> reporter: at praise fellowship bible church/ in richmond part of the christmas service was dedicated to
5:35 am
charles butler, jr.. >> i don't know if you know it, charles is actually a founding member of this church. >> reporter: he had just been award his merchant marine passport and was about to start his first assignment this is video when he started a maritime training program a few months ago. >> where do you see yourself in three years? >> on a boat, traveling the world. >> reporter: it was part of a tearful tribute at butler's church. he was killed before he could get his graduation certificate for the program. so his parents were awarded the certificate at a short ceremony. >> we present this to you from the program. >> reporter: the outpouring of emotion is part of the honor this 23-year-old is receiving. last week butler was killed a few yards from his home. his family says he was shot to death by diving by people he never met. charles butler, jr. is an organ donor this christmas
5:36 am
daniel murphy is a recipient of butler's liver. >> it is surreal. i guess it starting to hit home. i'm thankful for the family. >> reporter: butler's family is still struggling with not having him around this christmas. his gift of life is helping them through their loss. >> we know him being a donor, a part of him is running around everywhere. i would very much like to meet the recipients so i can see charles again. >> reporter: in addition to murphy's operation butler's sisters tell me five more of his organs were matched to other recipients and all of those ons were carried out on christmas. -- those operations were carried out on christmas. >> christmas holiday is officially over but a lot of people are still home today so expect many places to be closed most stores are open for you shoppers however, courts and offices are closed today at the local, state and federal levels postal service
5:37 am
closed no mail delivery however, for transit bart and muni are running regular weekday service buses and ferries for golden gate transit on a sunday holiday schedule so is ac transit san transand cal trains on saturday schedules and the yes the answer is yes, parking meters are being enforced in san francisco today. i think you could have guessed that. >> consider yourself warned. 5:37 now. frances in this morning to tell us what it could be like once you hit the roads for shopping. yeah might be more comfortable if you stay in, it is still a cool morning. starting off in the 20s now, hanging on to that in santa rosa, napa and fairfield, san francisco 46, 31 mountain view, 33 san jose now. today we can expect not as cold a morning but, we have a return of this onshore breeze
5:38 am
that going to bring partly cloudy conditions this afternoon increasing clouds tonight slate chance of rain we are keeping an eye out -- slight chance of rain we are keeping an eye out for that. onshore flow not a lot of rain heading our way for the next week it looks like at least south of the golden gate. highs today a little on the cool side with that onshore breeze, winds from the west-northwest at 15 miles per hour this afternoon, 55 san francisco, upper 50s in concord, livermore and fremont. as we look down monterey bay 63 one of the warm spots in hollister. seven day forecast, this is the coolest day of the week. we have a slight chance of rain wednesday, again this is men seen though county and north, looks dry through the next weekend into new year's. lynn gold is in for me in morning. we start out with what has been going on earlier on the
5:39 am
roadways. this is an accident on southbound 101, actually we are going to look at the bay bridge toll first, now southbound 101, caesar chavez accident cleared traffic going bell in that direction, the other way slow as you can see -- going well in that direction, the other way slow as you can see. no ace train today. 5:39 now. still ahead, christmas computer hacker attack. the group saying it is stealing money for those in need. dozens are killed in nigeria in a christmas day terrorist attack.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a rescue ship has reached a russian fishing vessel that has been stuck in the frigid waters off the anartica for the past 10 days they've been unable to reach the ship because of heavy ice. the ship with 32 onboard hit underwater ice that tore a one foot hole in its hull december 16th. the crew had been pumping out nearly frozen seawater to keep the ship afloat while' waiting rescue. the white house is condemning what it is calling a senseless christmas terrorist attack in nigeria. at least 39 were killed
5:43 am
yesterday, majority on the steps of a catholic church after celebrating christmas mass in one city, an officer was killed when gunmen opened fire on police guarding the area after a bomb exploded. a radical muslim sect has claimed responsibility for the attack. members of the hacking group anonymous say they've stolen e-mails and credit card data from clients of the security think -- from clients of a security think tank. they say the goal is to steal a million dollars and give it away as christmas foe s u.s. army, air force, police department, banks apple and microsoft. anonymous said it was able to get the credit details in part because they didn't encrypt them. the company provides political, economic and military analysis to help clients reduce risk. 5:43 now. christmas may be over that doesn't mean those great shopping deals have to end.
5:44 am
the bloomberg with business report is trade an -- straight ahead. >> days away from the new year that means lots of new laws in 2012. plus, a san francisco traveler gets her holiday in spain, while her dog is getting a vacation at logan airport in boston. ugh, my sinus congestion,
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dinglasan in for mike nicco today. california highs traveling around the state shouldn't be any road conditions -- road trouble due to weather. partly cloudy in northern california, sunny skies in southern california with the high of 71 in los angeles and 70 in palm springs. more news with katie. and me too. thank you frances. 5:47 now. we are about to enter a new year as you know. with it comes a slew of new laws affecting everything from soup to medicine to applying for a job. here's nanette miranda with the story. >> reporter: good news for the two million californians out of work employers can no longer consider credit report when you apply for a job where money or finances are not involved. not so good news if you are a fan of shark fin soup while your favorite chinese
5:48 am
restaurant is allowed to finish out its supply, california joins many west coast ports in banning the importation of the delicacy to stop the depletion of the world's shark population. >> pulling sharks out, slicing fins off and throwing them back to drown or bleed to death is barbaric. >> reporter: many california's new laws affect children and young adults. hpv vaccine will be available to kids as young as 12 because the state will allow them to get treatment for sexually transmitted diseases without parental permission. minors won't be able to buy robitussin and other medicines that contain dxm many are getting high for under $10 a bottle. >> for preteens and teens this is the number one call they get at the poison control center for the abuse of dxm.
5:49 am
>> reporter: those not old enough to ding typically scan soda through but -- but put alcohol in the bag. >> 16-years-old. >> reporter: melanoma survivor lisa andrews helped push through the nation's first tanning bed ban for anyone under 18 after using the machines a few times a week for years, she developed cancer. >> i'm hoping this will prevent others from having to face that diagnosis. which can be a life and death situation. >> reporter: schools will have to start including gay history in the curriculum. conservative groups are trying to gather enough signatures to put a ballot measure before voters asking them to stop it even after it goes into effect. nanette miranda, abc7 news. airline workers in boston came to the rescue of a woman from san francisco to spain over the weekend. the woman was hoping to take her dog, whooper with her to madrid.
5:50 am
i think whooper is a puppy now. she didn't realize he couldn't come along until she arrived in boston for her connecting flight. that's that's when two airline customer service workers stepped in and you ever add to take care of whooper at the airport until the come homes home. >> it is christmastime at the time we were thinking we have to help this girl she wants to see her family. why wouldn't we want to help her? we just helped her. >> sure. then they get to have a puppy at work all the time. the workers have been e-mailing pictures and updates to whooper's owner everyday. alameda county fire department just scored a big contract that will allow them to continue providing fire, medical and hazardous material emergency services to lawrence livermore lab the five year contract was awarded after an extremely competitive bidding process the county's fire department has serviced
5:51 am
lawrence livermore since 2007. new contract begins in july. mission impossible proving to be a bright spot in a season filled with a lot of silent nights in theaters. studio estimates place mission impossible: ghost protocol in a solid number one bringing in 26 1/2 million dollars. sherlock holmes made about 18 million followed by alvin and the chipmunks. the american version of the girl with the dragon tattoo and adventures of tin of tin rounded out the top five. >> you have to be a certain age to understand the adventures of tin-tin we will explain it later. i'm in for mike still cold not as coal as it has been no freeze warning -- not a spare
5:52 am
the air day low clouds move -- [ talking over each other ] >> it is still going to field cold temperatures in the 20s even though there's no freeze warning. you can see from our roof camera we are looking towards the bay bridge low clouds moving in. you see the top of the bay bridge kind of covered in low clouds. we are seeing fog develop in some of the inland locations as well. we'll take a look at temperature readings right now. this is what we've been talking about even though there's no freeze warning it is still 27 in santa rosa, napa and fairfield warm spot in san francisco at 46°. you will still find below freezing in concord 31. mountain view 31 as well. we are hearing about fog reports and fog developing in part of the north bay possibly santa rosa where visibility is down to a mile in novato down to a fourth of a mile we could
5:53 am
see more fog in the concord area but it hasn't made its way there yet. we'll see how far it goes and how much it develops later on. for today, expect not as cold a morning although you just saw the temperatures still chilly you might want to stay in a little bit longer. partly cloudy this afternoon with a return of the onshore breeze, temperatures a little cooler for the afternoon and then we have a slight chance of rain wednesday. here's a look at the satellite radar image. area of high pressure, we are going to see west-northwesterly winds at 15 miles per hour this afternoon. then we'll see more cloud cover tonight. high for today mid 50s upper 50s for almost everybody. 55 san francisco and san rafael. 60 in palo alto. 58 san jose. it will be just a little warmer as we head through morgan hill, gilroy and hollister, 63, 59 santa cruz, 57 in monterey.
5:54 am
it has been so dry that right now we may make it as the third driest december. we've only had 12/100 of an inch so far that is going to come in third since we've had records since 1849. today will be slightly cooler and then temperatures coming up through the week we have that slight chance of rain wednesday. right now our forecast model shows the rain hitting mendocino county areas and counties north of that. we are going to be dry all week around the immediate bay area into the new year. lynn gold is in for me this morning. here's something you don't normally see on a weekday, asphalt at the bay bridge toll. no metering lights not a lot of traffic. likewise on 80 as you approach the bay bridge toll traffic
5:55 am
moving well over to the southbound 280, 880, very, very light today. if you want to find traffic any time go to traffic >> 5:55. big retailer having a big sale today. why younger investors still think stockses safe long long term bet. >> here's this morning's bloomberg business report. good morning. with the new year fast approaching, half of adults are optimistic that 2012 will be better for their finances. part of the financial optimism may stem from the fact that many plan to make major financial changes in the upcoming year cutting back on extras such as eating out or going to the movies and using more coupons. another survey finds that 80% of americans won't focus on financial planning in their new year's resolutions and lack of financial focus at the
5:56 am
highest left in the three year history of the survey. meantime, younger investors aren't shy about stocks investment company says three in five 401(k) invest -- investors in their 20s -- if you are not -- wal-mart is holding a huge clearance event with savings throughout the store on apparel, beauty, home goods, electronics and sporting goods. wal-mart will feature 50% off christmas candy, toys and seasonal home decor. u.s. markets did close higher for the holiday. at the new york stock exchange i'm calli carolyn with the bloomberg business report. today marks the sixth day of hanukkah.
5:57 am
in sunny southern kaka the jewish center is celebrating the -- eight day holiday uniquely, a surf board menorah is under display each board has an oil lamp attached. the celebration continues two more days with music, crafts and games for kids on the beach. next, a 22-month-old san jose buy recovering after police say he was thrown -- boy recovering after police say he was then out of a second story window by his mother. >> reporter: every year consumers give retailers a five billion dollar give. i'm amy hollyfield in millbrae. i'll tell what that is, coming up.
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